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Dec 17, 2001

Evotec OAI EVOscreen® Mark III Passed Factory Acceptance Testing with GlaxoSmithKline with Excellent Results

Dec 03, 2001

Evotec OAI AG Signs Chemical Library Agreement with Merck & Co., Inc.

Nov 08, 2001

Third Quarter 2001: Evotec OAI on Track for 2001

Oct 25, 2001

Evotec OAI and Byk Gulden/Altana Enter into a Collaboration

Oct 16, 2001

Evotec OAI and VitaResc Biotech Extend Collaboration in Anti-Thrombotic Drug Development

Oct 02, 2001

Evotec OAI and Rigel Pharmaceuticals Enter Into Medicinal Chemistry Agreement To Identify A New Class of Anti-Cancer Compounds Called Ubiquitin Ligase Inhibitors

Sep 11, 2001

Evotec OAI Appoints Dirk Ehlers as Chief Financial Officer

Sep 04, 2001

Evotec OAI and Novartis sign licence and technology agreement for on-bead screening

Aug 21, 2001

Second Quarter 2001: Evotec OAI Makes Further Good Progress

Aug 21, 2001

Evotec OAI Extends Combinatorial Chemistry Collaboration with Pharmacia Corporation

Aug 15, 2001

Evotec OAI Announces Appointment of Mark Whittaker as Director of Drug Discovery

Jun 18, 2001

Evotec OAI and MelTec form Joint Venture and Enter into a Drug Discovery Service Collaboration

Jun 15, 2001

DIREVO Awarded Subsidy by North Rhine-Westphalia Government

Jun 12, 2001

Evotec OAI Signs a Chemical Library Contract with Roche

May 16, 2001

First Quarter 2001: Oxford Asymmetry (OAI) Merger Shows First Results

Apr 26, 2001

Evotec OAI and Serono Sign Assay Development and Screening Services Agreement

Apr 18, 2001

EVOTEC OAI: Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer

Apr 10, 2001

Evotec OAI Signs Technology Agreement With Celltech

Mar 29, 2001

EVOTEC BioSystems AG - 2000 annual financial statements: Dynamic growth together with Oxford Asymmetry International

Mar 28, 2001

MediGene applies Evotec OAIs leading technologies for the identification of novel drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases

Mar 07, 2001

Glaxo SmithKline Accepts EVOTEC OAI's uHTS System EVOscreen®

Mar 01, 2001

EVOTEC OAI Signs Two Chemistry Services Contracts With Lilly

Feb 08, 2001

EVOTEC OAI Wins Contract for the Supply of Chemical Libraries to Solvay Pharmaceuticals