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Nov 12, 2003

Third Quarter 2003: Evotec OAI Reports 9-month Revenues up 20%, Positive EBITDA Sustained

Oct 22, 2003

Evotec OAI and Roche Sign Medicinal Chemistry Collaboration in Oncology

Oct 14, 2003

Evotec OAI and Biofrontera to Offer Natural Compounds for Drug Discovery Services

Sep 10, 2003

Evotec OAI and DeveloGen Announce a Strategic Drug Discovery and Development Alliance for Metabolic Diseases

Aug 12, 2003

Second Quarter 2003: Evotec OAI Reports Positive EBITDA in First Half

Aug 06, 2003

Evotec OAI Appoints Bernard Questier Chief Business Officer

Aug 01, 2003

Evotec Neurosciences and Takeda enter into drug discovery alliance in Alzheimer's disease

Jun 25, 2003

Evotec OAI Signs Medicinal Chemistry Agreement with Axxima Pharmaceuticals

May 15, 2003

Artesian Therapeutics Selects Evotec OAI as Drug Discovery Partner

May 08, 2003

First Quarter 2003: Evotec OAI Reports Good Start to 2003

Apr 10, 2003

Evotec OAI and Novartis Pharma AG Sign Lead Discovery Collaboration

Mar 25, 2003

Evotec OAI AG - Financial Results 2002, Sustained Growth in Challenging Markets

Mar 21, 2003

British Biotech to transfer research operations to Evotec OAI

Jan 30, 2003

Psychiatric Genomics Selects Evotec OAI as Their Strategic Chemistry Partner for Drug Discovery and Development

Jan 30, 2003

Evotec OAI's Preliminary Results 2002: Q4 Results Exceeding Expectations

Jan 30, 2003

Evotec OAI to Support Dynogen Pharmaceuticals in the Discovery and Development of Novel Pharmaceuticals

Jan 20, 2003

Euroscreen and Evotec OAI Partner GPCR Expertise - Companies Provide Comprehensive GPCR Screening, Product and Research Services

Jan 16, 2003

Evotec OAI Achieves Milestone with Clinical Advancement of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Compound

Jan 14, 2003

Evotec OAI Announces Drug Discovery Agreement with KeyNeurotek and the Institute of Medical Technology Magdeburg (IMTM)

Jan 08, 2003

Evotec OAI and Oxagen Initiate Drug Discovery Alliance