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Dec 15, 2015

Evotec and Spero Therapeutics extend collaboration to develop novel antibacterials

Dec 10, 2015

Evotec receives important pre-clinical milestones as part of its multi-target alliance with Bayer HealthCare

Nov 20, 2015

Huntington’s disease and the hope for a treatment

Nov 10, 2015

Evotec AG reports results of the first nine months of 2015

Oct 20, 2015

Evotec and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation collaborate to advance emerging therapies to fight juvenile Batten Disease

Oct 05, 2015

Evotec awarded multi-year contract to manage National Cancer Institute Chemical Biology Consortium Screening Libraries Center

Sep 15, 2015

Evotec AG increases its revenue guidance for 2015

Sep 09, 2015

Evotec enters into licence and collaboration agreement with Pfizer Inc. in tissue fibrosis

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Sep 04, 2015

Evotec publishes update of its DDup Special Edition – Drug discovery services

Sep 02, 2015

Evotec and CHDI Foundation expand ongoing collaboration to fight Huntington's disease using Evotec's expanded capabilities and footprint

Aug 12, 2015

Evotec AG reports results of first half of 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Evotec, Apeiron Biologics and Sanofi jointly develop novel small molecule-based cancer immunotherapies

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Aug 07, 2015

Sanofi and Evotec align forces to develop next generation therapies in diabetes

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Jul 24, 2015

Evotec enters innovative research initiative with Gladstone Institutes and Dolby Family Ventures in Alzheimer's Disease

Jun 30, 2015

Evotec's partner Roche provides initial update from Phase IIb trial in Alzheimer's disease

Jun 09, 2015

Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Evotec AG

May 12, 2015

Evotec AG reports results of first quarter 2015

Apr 29, 2015

Facio partners with Evotec and initiates FSHD drug discovery programme

Mar 26, 2015

Asahi Kasei Pharma selects Evotec as its partner for ion channel drug discovery

Mar 24, 2015

Evotec FY 2014: Strong performance in EVT Execute and acceleration of EVT Innovate

Mar 20, 2015

Evotec and Sanofi sign definitive agreement for major multi-component strategic alliance

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Mar 13, 2015

Second Genome and Evotec to collaborate in microbiome discovery and development

Jan 19, 2015

Evotec and C4XD enter collaboration to identify pre-clinical development candidates for stress-related addictive disorder programme

Jan 15, 2015

Evotec achieves further milestones in TargetAD collaboration with Janssen

Jan 07, 2015

Evotec and Padlock Therapeutics announce initial success and extension of long-term collaboration