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IPO Information

Initial Public Offering Information *

Segment Neuer Markt, Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Offering structure Public Offering in Germany
Private placement outside Germany
Rule 144A offering in the U.S.
Offer shares 4,927,500 Offer Shares each with an imputed share in the capital stock of 1 Euro per share, of which:
  • 4,100,000 New shares issued from a capital increase
  • 182,500 Shares sold by the selling shareholder
  • 645,000 Over-Allotment option from a capital increase
Global coordinators UBS Warburg AG, Deutsche Bank AG
Further managers SG Investment Banking, Sal. Oppenheim, Hamburger Sparkasse
Bookbuilding period November 2, 1999 - November 8, 1999
Bookbuilding range 11.00 Euro - 13.00 Euro
Offering price 13.00 Euro
Listing November 10, 1999
Opening price 24.00 Euro
Subscribed capital 12,078,000 Euro

*All data not adjusted for stock split of August 18, 2000