Research never stops

Novartis/Not disclosed

The collaboration with Novartis started in 2008. Evotec applies its powerful drug discovery platform in combination with its extensive disease biology expertise to advance a drug discovery programme against a target nominated by Novartis through discovery into the clinic.

Under the terms of the agreement, Evotec is responsible for progressing the programme up to pre-clinical development and Novartis will then have the responsibility for all clinical development activities, manufacture and commercialisation of the compounds. In return for Evotec‘s contributions to the research programme, Evotec received an upfront payment and research funding and is eligible for pre-clinical and clinical milestone payments that could exceed $ 28 m. In addition, Novartis will pay royalties on sales of any marketed products resulting from the collaboration.

In October 2012, Evotec received a pre-clinical milestone from this drug discovery collaboration with Novartis.