Research never stops


In June 2011, Evotec announced a collaboration in novel protein-activity based biomarkers for Roche’s oncology drugs under development. Evotec will employ its PhosphoScout® platform to discover protein-phosphorylation’s that predict favourable dosage and efficacy of targeted cancer drugs in patients. Roche will be responsible for conducting clinical trials as well as assessing the development of companion diagnostics for patient stratification.

Under the initial three-year term, Evotec and Roche will conduct multiple biomarker programmes for therapeutic antibodies or small molecule inhibitors. Evotec will receive undisclosed up-front and success-based payments for each programme. In the first quarter of 2014, Evotec achieved a first milestone on the decision by Roche to use a response prediction marker, identified using Evotec’s Proteome Profiling platform, in an extended Phase I oncology trial.