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ChemBridge Corporation

ChemBridge Corporation is a leading global discovery chemistry company providing small molecule screening compound libraries, specialty building blocks for organic synthesis and custom chemistry services. ChemBridge is a San Diego based company with an impeccable 18 year track record of quality and deliverability and operates a state-of-the-art offshore discovery chemistry research site in Moscow, Russia. ChemBridge’s CRO business includes multi-year strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies as well as mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Over 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and universities worldwide have also taken advantage of ChemBridge’s portfolio of products, including its library of 13,000 specialty building blocks and 800,000 drug-like and lead-like small molecule screening compounds. For additional information please go to

The collaboration with ChemBridge strengthens Evotec’s compound collection and thus invests in Evotecs leading, hit-identification platform. Through this collaboration, Evotec will increase its high-throughput screening collection through the addition of initially 110,000 diverse and lead-like compounds from the ChemBridge Library Collection, its chemical diversity and Evotec’s market leadership futher expand. Evotec continues to provide high quality hit compounds to its clients.