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IR Pharma

IR Pharma provides the pharmaceutical industry with Respiratory Pharmacology pre-clinical drug discovery through short, focused projects and larger, wide ranging system-based discovery programmes. Timely delivery of study objectives that add value to client lead compounds and technology are high priority for the Company. Based on the world leading academic expertise of the Respiratory Pharmacology group at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, led by Professor Maria Belvisi and Dr Mark Birrell, the team, additionally can boast an extensive industry background. They have been providing an outstanding combination of scientific insights and practical solutions to address the pre-clinical needs of industry clients for several years. For more information about IR Pharma please visit

The alliance expands Evotec's already powerful drug discovery platform, into the area of respiratory diseases through IR Pharma's world leading expertise in in vitro and in vivo Respiratory pharmacology. As part of this exclusive collaboration, Evotec is now positioned to offer seamless, fully integrated respiratory and inflammation focused drug discovery programmes to its partners, from target to nomination of pre-clinical development candidates.