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Cell & protein production

Leveraging a long standing expertise in cell culture methods, protein production and purification, structural biology, assay development, HTS and target validation, our team delivers the right reagent at assay-ready quality for our client’s needs.

All our reagent capabilities can be accessed as a stand-alone function or as integral part of wider collaborative programmes.

Evotec's cell services include: cell line generation, cell membrane production, assay-ready frozen cells, transient bulk transfection and cell banking.

Evotec's protein services include: novel construct development, protein expression in bacteria and eukaryotic cells, protein purification and analysis, high-throughput platform for protein production and isotope labelled proteins for NMR.

Cell services

Cell line generation (PDF)

Cell membranes (PDF)

Frozen instant cells (PDF)

Transient bulk transfection (PDF)

Protein services

Structural Biology Services (PDF)

Structural biology of membrane proteins (PDF)

Isotope-labelled proteins for NMR (PDF)

High-throughput platform for protein production (PDF)


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Cell & protein production