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Compound management

Evotec is uniquely qualified in delivering its customers’ compound and library management needs through over a decade of being the world’s leading compound management operation. Evotec expanded its operational presence in 2013 and again in 2015 by adding capacity and capabilities in Branford, Connecticut, USA, and Toulouse, France. These facilities are strategically positioned to support the strong presence of Evotec’s drug discovery services along the east coast of the U.S. and across Europe.

The Company’s offering includes:

  • Cost-effective compound identification, selection and procurement
  • High-throughput compound analysis
  • Multi-format plating and reformatting
  • Inert or dry atmosphere and low temperature storage and processing
  • Fast order fulfilment and worldwide delivery
  • Multi-site disaster recovery and business continuity
  • “In-sourcing” of Evotec compound management staff to customer sites
  • Access to compound collections of some of its partners through an open innovation strategy

With over 10 years of compound management experience, primarily from the large Pharma and government sector, Evotec understands its customers’ needs and deadlines. Each customer has a dedicated Project Manager who provides a single point of contact to insure an open line of communication is always maintained.

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Compound management