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Drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics

Over the past 20 years, Evotec has developed expertise in numerous therapeutic areas including diseases of the central nervous system, pain, oncology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, inflammation and anti-infectives.

This collective experience has consolidated the view that successful small molecule drug discovery requires a deep understanding of biological context coupled with knowledge and experience of the property space required to deliver safe, efficacious drugs. DMPK continues to be a key player in this success since the major sources of attrition – clinical efficacy and safety – are clearly linked to exposure in key tissues either on- or off-target.

Evotec offers a comprehensive and flexible range of in vitro and in vivo DMPK studies designed to cover the majority of activities in the screen-to-candidate phase. The scientific expertise and processes are accessed in a variety of ways by our partners and project teams.

In December 2016, Evotec AG acquired Cyprotex PLC. The acquisition will provide Evotec’s partners access to Cyprotex’s world leading in vitro and in silico ADME-Tox expertise, allowing Evotec to strengthen its drug discovery platform and extend its range of later stage development services. Detailed information about services provided can be found here.

Evotec`s experienced scientists have made significant contributions to discovery projects throughout their careers:

  • > 90 development candidates
  • Named inventors and authors on >750 patents and publications

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Drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics