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Antibody identification including B-cell cloning and high-throughput expression platform is embedded in Evotec’s pre-clinical development expertise.

As a partner in antibody drug development, Evotec utilises more than 15 years of cell-based functional screening expertise on various targets such as GPCRs and ion channels. Evotec offers high-throughput antibody cloning and expression which can be combined with all standard immunisation and selection technologies.

The offering includes reformatting antibody pools from phage display selections or animal immunisations into suitable screening formats. Evotec’s own “AbExpress” technology combines specific B-cell enrichment with high-throughput cloning and expression of antibodies in mammalian cells. We provide optimal cell-based HTS/HCS screening formats supporting fast development cycles. Evotec offers a turnkey solution for antibody development up to the production of mg quantities necessary for testing in animal models.

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