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Immunology & Inflammation


  • Large tool kit of functional and translational assays using primary human lymphocytes or whole blood assays
  • Expertise in many different target classes including enzymes, kinases, GPCRS, ion channels and PPI
  • Highly validated disease models in inflammation, neuroinflammation inflammatory pain and anaemia
  • Multiple drug development partnerships in place



Evotec has developed substantial expertise in the immunology and inflammation fields and has built through collaborations and partnerships a state-of-the-art integrated drug discovery platform covering all aspects from target identification to investigational new drug (“IND”).

Our experienced immunology & inflammation team with over 30 scientists has an established and proven track record and has contributed to the discovery and development of multiple pre-clinical and clinical candidates. Evotec is currently working on approximately a dozen immunology and inflammation programmes in the area of inflammation, autoimmune disorders, pain, endometriosis and cancer immunotherapy.

Evotec’s core expertise in small molecule drug discovery in immunology and inflammation is complemented by a growing state-of-the-art know-how in the development of therapeutic antibodies.


Key capabilities of Evotec’s immunology & inflammation discovery platform

Phenotypic screening

  • Access complex cellular environments and use of primary cells and tissues
  • Assay platform routinely used to support both HTS and H2L/LO programmes for functional read-outs of lymphocytes or target cell types
  • Integrated into Evotec’s MS-based proteomic platform to aid target identification

In vitro pharmacology

  • Portfolio of relevant in vitro models for multiple target classes including ion channels, kinases, transporters, cytokine PPI, GPCRs, enzymes and pattern recognition receptors
  • Development and validation of novel customised assays for screening, validation and drug development
  • World-class ion channel electrophysiology platforms to successfully drive H2L, LO and safety pharmacology projects with high-quality and expedite turnaround times

In vivo pharmacology

  • Highly validated and relevant disease models in inflammation, neuroinflammation and inflammatory pain and anaemia
  • Pharmacodynamic assay – PK/PD including IL-1b/desArg9 Bradykinin paw oedema, a,b-me-ATP flinching, (R)-a-methylhistamine induced dipsogenia, T-cell activation and expansion
  • Behavioural and side effect profiling and translational approaches


Additional capabilities such as Evotec’s high-throughput screening, structure-based drug design, medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics research, DMPK, proteomics and biomarker discovery and reagent production platforms can also be accessed to support and accelerate immunology and inflammation programmes.

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Immunology & Inflammation