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  • Rational design of novel targeted therapies
  • Cancer immunity and tumour microenvironment
  • Modulation of cancer cell metabolism
  • Biomarker discovery in patient samples
  • CRISPR platform for target discovery and validation 



Evotec has a long history of contributing to the oncology field through partners, achieving numerous oncology milestones which include 8 PDCs and 4 clinical drugs. Our oncology capabilities and expertise have been recently enhanced by the incorporation of our new site in Toulouse which going forward will be our centre of excellence for oncology drug discovery.

Our dedicated oncology team assists pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organisations in their drug discovery research activities offering a comprehensive panel of services from target identification to pre-clinical candidate through a highly sophisticated and integrated drug discovery platform.

Key capabilities of Evotec’s oncology discovery platform

In vitro biology

  • Extensive portfolio of biochemical, biophysical and cellular assay systems for oncology targets including signal transduction, tumour metabolism, tumour microenvironment, cancer immunology, tumour metastasis and vascularisation, apoptosis and epigenetics
  • Target identification approaches via phenotypic, RNAi or CRISPR screens
  • Customised high-content imaging assays for phenotypic screening through to supporting lead optimisation

In vivo pharmacology

  • Establishment of PK/PD relationships using target relevant markers
  • Sub-cutaneous and orthotopic tumour xenografts, spontaneous metastasis models including syngeneic models
  • Histology, immunochemistry and morphometric analysis combined with in vivo pharmacology to analyse disease-relevant biomarkers

Proteomics platform

  • Leading mass spectrometry-based proteomics for target identification: Kinaffinity®, Evotec Cellular Target Profiling®
  • Large-scale quantification of PTMs and proteins for mode-of-action analysis and biomarkers discovery (large-scale quantification of PTMs and proteins)

Structure-based drug design-driven medicinal chemistry

  • Experienced structural biology, computational and medicinal chemistry teams working in synergy to optimise both orthosteric and allosteric screening hits through rapid cycle times


Additional capabilities such as Evotec’s high-throughput screening, bioinformatics research, DMPK and reagent production platforms can also be accessed to support and accelerate your oncology programmes.

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